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i think i suck at life

i think i suck at life
no joke, if you doubt me, your probbly wrong
i could probbly count the number of my friends on one hand, with room to spare,
and those friends i do have, its not like we ever do anything,
and most just don't care
its wierd,
it seems like i have friends at school,
but outside of school,
i guess i'm a idiot, a loser... microphone abuser.
i just chill at home 24/7.
my life is getting boring, correction, my life is boring.
maybe i be a conformist and take up smoking, drinking and get a girl friend, and cheat on her over and over.
i could also stop being nice, girls like prick ass holes (no matter what u say girls, you know its true)
i could also start thinking of girls simply as something to have sex with.
i find those type of guys get more girls.
well maybe people would like me then, cuz thats what the cool kids do.
i think i'm doomed to be alone my whole life,
sitting in my basement, looking in at peoples lives froma computer.
i wish things were like last year, i loved Jr year.
i dunno, i think all in all i'm just sick and tired of being depressed.
i hate it.
i think i'm just in a slum right now, and i can't seem to get out of it.
i don't write this to get your pitty,
i'm just trying to get this off my chest.
tis all..

that kid
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