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my silly parents

well this is an interesting story...

i've always wanted a zippo, so i thought, i might as well buy one.
so i bought one.
today, my mom found it. and asked me if i was smoking and such.
well i'm no but that didn't stop her.
so i had to leave to pick up a paper or 2 from alex.
my dad asked me how long i was gonna be gone.
i said about 30 minutes not thinking anything of it.
then after i left, i thought,
"hmmm, y would he ask that, (lol) i bet hes gonna check my room for some death sticks"
so i come home and sure enough, they did.
funny thing is, they tried to put everything back where they found it,
but they make one mistake.
my pup poo-ed in my room before i went to alex's,
i was gonna clean it up after.
but when i got back it was gone.
and my pillows on my sofa were moved.
well i thought that story was funny.
you probbly didn't but oh well.
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