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well i got excited i mean there hasn't been a batman movie out in awhile. so i get a call from B f'n G to go see it and i'm all like "word kid i'm down" so i got, and watch the movie. and i'll tell u what, i'm really disappointed.
beef #1) who ever was in charge of casting, horrible choice for bruce.
beef #2) any batman fan knows two-face kill wayne's parents, not some random bum. remember "ever dance with the devil before death"?
beef #3) was it just me or did anyone else find it odd how millions of people were turned crazy/ homicidal, but no one really cares about them, bruce would rather play with his dad's burnt stethoscope. and talk about rebuilding his house?

well maybe i'm just disgruntled due to the lack of neon lights which makes a good batman movie (chuckle) but i just didn't live up to my expectations.

toddy boy
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